Fall Protection and Rescue 1 day



Price: 3400 NOK. 

Including learning material, diploma and lunch

For courses held in English, minimum 5 participants. 
All courses are held in Norwegian unless otherwise stated.

Course Overview:

The objective of the training is that the person being trained, get the opportunity to acquire basic theoretical and practical knowledge of fall protection equipment and proper use of rescue equipment, rescue of free hanging person, rescue personnel over open sea, tank, stretchers, lowering and treatment of personnel after fall accident.

For more information about the course:

For more information send us an e-mail to kurs@biks.no

Target group:

Training is adapted for personnel that are part of the rescue team on board on an installation, but also for the personnel who needs a basic understanding of fall safety/rescue equipment.

Course content: 

  • Introduction
  • Regulations, guidelines
  • Best practice
  • Risk assessment
  • Fall protection equipment
  • Knowledge about the different types of equipment and methods
  • Limitations and oppurtunities of the equipment
  • Maintenance, storage and control
  • Consequences of falling
  • Theoretical review of rescue exercises
  • Practical training ( review of rescue exercises)
  • Exam

Diploma / Certificate of competence:

A certificate of course completion shall be issued to each students who has successfully met the requirement of the course.

BIKS AS is a certified training center ATS 202. Certified by the ASAS Certification AS Norway - Aproved by Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority.

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